Profive Sp. z o.o. offers services in the field of IT system design, software development and testing. Outsourcing of IT services is a solution that allows to effectively optimize the costs of implemented projects. Our consultants have experience in creating, developing and maintaining Enterprise class applications working on Unix and Windows in technologies based on .net and java. We also have the necessary resources to create mobile applications based on Android/iOS.

We also offer our partners full support in the field of servers and software. We have:

  • ~200 HP Moonshot class servers in three datacentres
  • Virtualization (supported Hyper-V, KVM) – VDI with MS Windows 8 or 10, MS Office 2013
  • Mission critical virtualization (systems with dedicated CPU and GPU) – HDI with MS Windows 8 or 10, MS Office 2013 and other software
  • Secure access by VPN
  • Full support for configuration and administration
  • Access to Root Account - Exclusive server resources



ETL - Migrating and integrating data between system environments

Automated data flow:

  • Scheduled frequency
  • Data validation
  • Migrating data between system environments
  • Error handling
  • Job status notifications

Status reports:

  • Reports based on logs
  • Reporting Services
  • PowerBI
  • QuickSight


  • Migration and updating versions of MSSql databases
  • Migration of reporting systems with implementation
  • Design and implementation of new reporting systems
  • Design, development and implementation of applications to operate


Support for database migration to new versions

  • Upgrading of the server and databases to new versions
  • Performance pre and post-migration tests
  • Database audit - data security
  • Migration to and from the cloud

Migration of reporting systems SSRS, PowerBI, Tableau, SSAS:

  • Update SSRS reports to a new version and/or PowerBI
  • Migration pre and post-migration services and tests
  • SSAS cube upgrade
  • SSAS cube implementation for local and "cloud" solutions
  • Designing new reports and solutions

Migration, design and implementation of data integration systems SSIS:

  • Updating SSIS packages
  • Data flow analysis and pre- and post-migration tests