Profive Sp. z o.o. specialize in integration and support of functional test tools, automatization, performance and security test. The Company has experience in customization of system use by Corporation for new or already existing business cases. Depending on the customer needs we create new quality base on the software available on the market to provide full spectrum of tests.


Tools for management and planning of test process. On almost all cases there is a strong possibility for customization of software used in all stages of software lifecycle.

  • HP ALM Software Hawlett Packard Company
  • JIRA Attlassian Company
  • Jenkins - Open Source Tool on MIT license
  • Excel/Access Microsoft Company

Example of systems integration



Profive Sp. z o.o. can provide hardware supplies necessary for project or entire company. We own a fleet of servers with necessary software which we offer our partners. We can provide HDI or VDI solutions for daily based work or for automated tests, depending on resources already own by partner.

Proposed example of this solution are Friendly User Testing SELFcare systems. Without the need of any resources from Partner. We can provide them as one time or in time based frequency:

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